Published Articles

Alyssa has written a variety of articles on a wide-range of topics. The GainesvilleScene is an online publication devoted to topics concerning twentysomethings as well as residents of Gainesville, FL. Here are some articles that Alyssa has written for the GainesvilleScene:

What’s My Age Again

Snowpiercer: The Ultimate Cinematic Ride

Saving Face: Less is More

Revealing America’s Rape Culture

Livin’ La Vida Freelance

Will the Real ADHD Please Stand Up

The Black Sheep is an online publication that publishes satirical writing of college life. Here are some articles that Alyssa has written for The Black Sheep:

Top 10 Creepiest College Myths  

You Are What You Drink

Road Trip to Nowhere You Intended

Stuck in the Middle: A Matchmakers Guide to Summer Hookups

Top 10 Tools for Surviving Your 21st Birthday


To read more articles written by Alyssa, please visit her author page at the GainesvilleScene or contact Alyssa via e-mail.


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